The Baby Suite

Our baby suite is bright, welcoming and spacious. There are 2 large playrooms, a sleep room and separate toileting and nappy changing facilities. A child’s development is carefully observed, monitored and assessed by their key person in line with our setting’s curriculum, which is written in accordance with the seven areas of learning within the EYFS.

Sunshine Room

Staff ratio 1:3

This room is located just off the main reception and provides a calm and relaxing atmosphere where babies can feel safe and secure within their surroundings. It provides opportunities for learning to sit up, roll around and crawl, and children can explore the toys and equipment around them in safety. As the children become more mobile, opportunities are given to further explore and develop curiosity, co-ordination and other physical skills. The children build on their communication and language, and learn to express their feelings.

The Jungle Room

Staff ratio 1:3

Our jungle room is well equipped and offers facilities and activities to promote all aspects of the children’s development. They are taught boundaries and how to handle their feelings of frustration, and there are opportunities to explore and develop their self help skills in order to build self confidence.

Sleep room

This room provides opportunities to rest and sleep. It’s relaxing and quiet and kept at an even temperature. Staff closely monitor all children whilst they are sleeping.

Outdoor play

We believe fresh air and outdoor activities are important for all ages. Therefore we try to ensure that the babies and younger children access the outdoor environment as much as possible. Our garden is private, safe and secluded with access to the nursery limited during outdoor play sessions. There is a varied range of resources for the children whilst playing outdoors.