Cell phones

Do you feel like me? Concerned about the amount of time our children and grandchildren are spending on cell phones. So what are we doing about it? Too many of us, seemingly nothing!

Major new studies are now proving that radiation from these devices is likely to effect memory. Electromagnetic fields are proven to have an impact on the nonverbal type of memory known as figural memory, which is located at the right side of the brain.

A child’s body is undergoing change and development, keeping a mobile phone practically strapped to the ear for long periods of time doesn’t really need heaps of research to prove that it could have health risks, now does it?
We know that the bones, tissue and protective lining of the brain is thin in children. We know the dangers of radiation. What are we allowing our children to do?
Some research has proven that even after 2 minutes the electrical activity inside a child’s brain can be changed. Yet the NHS in the UK still maintain mobile phones are safe. Interestingly plenty of other sources have doubts, particularly if used excessively.
The debate about excessive use of mobile devices and possible causes of cancer has raged since the advent of the very first cell phone. As research continues and the debate goes on there is one point that I can declare with absolute certainty. These things as I call them, are becoming addictive to many young people. I have witnessed the sheer panic when the battery dies or they have misplaced the phone. My granddaughter!

Social skills and conversation are becoming non-existent, as we allow it. Hence I personally insist that when I take the family out to eat, the devices are switched off.
I remember recently observing the table opposite me in a restaurant when both parents were on mobile devices and the two younger children each sat with an iPad. For Heaven’s sake! Meal times used to be a wonderful opportunity to share the day’s events and enjoy each other’s company.

Another thing which I am convinced will manifest in future years with this generation of cell phone addicts, will be that they will all need chiropractors and opticians. Yes eye fatigue, and headaches is already a noticeable symptom. I remember when I was young there was an old wives’ tale that sitting too close to the TV would make you go cross-eyed. Remember that one?
Apparently the NHS admits that visits to the doctors and opticians has already increased massively in the last ten years – do your own research – and particularly more cases of nearsightedness have been documented.
As children have been safely reading books for years, it is the blue light on the screen which has long-term damaging effects on the eye. Research goes on to show that excessive use of mobile devices is likely to cause early cataracts, among many other issues
As adults most of us can say that after a long period on the computer we have to take a break. Employment recommendations are that a break should be 10 minutes every hour. We don’t. And oh yes. Surprise Surprise! We have a headache! So how much more will the eye strain be on a small device.
Sadly I have all too often caught my own granddaughter watching movies under the covers at bedtime.

Another point which I feel led to mention is the constant awkward body position, as mobile devices influence our body posture.
Yes chiropractors get ready for the rush. Meanwhile, read this brilliant article – link here –
And here a few sensible recommendation for use.

Here’s just a couple for now;-
1. Limit the amount of time your child is on the phone, especially if watching movies etc
2. Encourage good posture and hold the phone level with the head rather than constantly bending the neck.
3. Teach them to keep the mobile device at least 5mm away from the body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below Standard Absorption Rate.
Hum! where did that piece of advice come from? None other than the fine print in Apple’s official iphone User Guide.

Interesting aye!