I am sure you have heard the expression; ‘Life will never be the same again.’

Well there is nothing more true! A baby will change your life forever in a most fundamental and dramatic way.

Often a shock to the system – with very little training for experience – suddenly this little bundle of independence is there, part of your life forever. I am sure you will feel proud, delighted, privileged, overwhelmed, but also there may be feelings of depression and anxiety. Sleep patterns are disturbed, there is little time for yourself and you may be faced with the burdens and financial pressure that a new baby brings. I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom. To have a child, that little miracle of life, is the most wonderful gift any woman could have. But we must not forget the struggles and difficulties that come with that child. The close relationship between mother and child is something more powerful than any other relationship that she will ever have. The rewards of parenting are enormous, as a new child will bring so much joy and laughter, but also take us to the limits of our anger, frustration and tiredness.

My advice to any young parent is to try to secure a network of support around you. Calling on family and friends will hopefully allow you to have time for you. Time to rest, time to socialise even perhaps time to catch up with the household chores…ugh boring! But yes, so important. Taking time out from your child and allowing you to have time for yourself will ultimately make you a better parent. Don’t feel guilty; all things in balance are acceptable.