The needs of a child

What do children need?

Children’s needs change as they grow but basically we can describe them as Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.

We may all satisfy our children’s needs in different ways. Some parents are naturally more loving; others find it difficult to express their emotions. Some parents strive for more physical achievement in their children encouraging sports activities, others artistic or academic achievement.

Physical needs – which all too often are taken for granted – such as food, warmth and shelter are of course those basic things which we need to sustain life. Until children are old enough to care for themselves they are completely reliant on adults to satisfy those needs. Children look to us for protection and a safe environment in order to aid both their physical and intellectual development. Constantly talking to our children helps to encourage language development and as children grow, they are much more able to communicate their own needs.

It is so important that children feel loved. Busy parents must always make time for their children. A child needs routine and security as well as praise for achievement and effort.


I would never be so arrogant as to tell parents how to bring up their own children, but I have written about some of the topics listed below in brief.


  1. Parenting
  2. Socialisation and learning  social graces
  3. Home or nursery
  4. Eating
  5. Sleep Routines
  6. Temper Tantrums
  7. Toilet Training
  8. Difficult Behaviour
  9. Separation Issues
  10. Biting
  11. Star Charts and Rewards
  12. Aggression and Rivalry




Please note, any topics I have written about (in brief) are my own personal opinions, views and suggestions based on my own experience in childcare and should be taken as guidance only.